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5 Ways to Dispose of Sex Toys (Not Trash)

Jun 30, 2022
Of course, you can throw it in the garbage dump, but it's 2022.
Shouldn't we try to do it as well as possible?
Unfortunately, the information on how to actually dispose of sex toys in a safe and environmentally friendly way is fairly thin on the ground. That's why we've done our best here to put together all the ways you can find to recycle, reuse, or safely remove sex toys.

Not everyone has easy access to a recycling facility, but hopefully you can find the solution that suits you!

There's one thing to keep in mind, but I'm planning to dispose of sex toys. Must be cleaned first. Our blog has a guide on how to clean dildos and vibrators. If possible, try disinfecting sex toys as well.

Once they’re sparkling clean and you’re ready to say goodbye, here are some more environmentally-conscious ways to dispose of sex toys…

Curb side recycling

This is the kind of recycling that most people probably think of when thinking about recycling. Categorize your trash into several different categories and take it outside.

Many sex toys contain at least some recyclable material on the curb side. These include silicone, ABS plastic and steel. The glass is a little different. For example, borosilicate glass (which is made of higher quality glass dildos) cannot be recycled like regular glass.

However, the biggest problem is that different regions have different recycling programs. Before throwing away sex toys for recycling, make sure you know what your local government is willing to accept. If you make a mistake, the automation system could just turn it into a trash can or reject the entire recycled trash can!

Some authorities will be willing to take the whole sex toy and disassemble them. However, others have to do it themselves. Sometimes this is possible, but sometimes it's too dangerous. Do not try to disassemble an electric toy like a vibrator yourself.

However, you can recycle the battery in many places. If your sex toys are battery powered, you may have a lot of used batteries. They may be on the recyclable curb side or need to be taken to the center. Either way, it's modest! You can also consider using rechargeable batteries in the future. Using rechargeable batteries can significantly reduce waste.

Recycle center

If you cannot recycle the curb side of a sex toy, you may be able to bring it to a dedicated recycling center. This is especially true for electronic sex toys. In many cases, you will need to bring your electronics to a specialized electronics recycling center.

As with curb-side recycling, it may be necessary to check if the local center accepts sex toys. Take a look at this website to find a device recycling center near you, or where you can send your toys for recycling.
Some people are too embarrassed to dispose of sex toys where others are looking, but in reality they don't have to. First of all, there is nothing bad or shameful about owning a sex toy! But again, it's highly unlikely that someone is actually looking at you. If you are self-conscious, just put a sex toy under something in the mountains and no one will be smart.

Professional sex toy recycling program

An extensive sex toy recycling program may not be an issue yet, but there are some small initiatives out there for you to check.

Eden Fantasys, an online sex toy retailer, runs a sex toy recycling program called Project Re-Vibe. Just buy a $ 5 voucher and you'll be provided with a packing statement so you can ship your old sex toys. Then use the toy parts to create a new toy. Plus, get a 15% off coupon on your next Eden Fantasys purchase!
There is a similar program for Canadians run by Come as You Are, a sex toy cooperative. If you have sex toys made of silicone or ABS plastic, buy shipping labels from them and send them for recycling.

Finally, if you've already googled for this, you've probably seen quite a few references to the sex toy recycling program by Scarlet Girl. This was one of the first of its kind, but it's unclear if it's still running. Their website hasn't been updated for some time and there doesn't seem to be a place to buy shipping labels anymore.

Repair them!

Did you know that one of the most environmentally friendly things about treating waste is actually not throwing it away at all? Reusing and repairing things instead of passing them through a recycling system uses less energy and produces less emissions. There is no difference in the disposal of sex toys.

Repairing sex toys is not always possible. We do not recommend using broken sex toys, but there are some programs that can help.

Love Not War is a sex toy brand dedicated to making sex toys that are manufactured in a sustainable way and last a long time. But they also have a repair and recycling program that strives to repair your sex toys and send them back to you if it breaks! If it cannot be repaired, we will also recycle it.

Second Hand Sex Toys

Now we reach perhaps the most controversial sex toy disposal solution on this list. Giving old sex toys to others can create a "sick" element, but don't write them down yet.

Sex toys made of non-porous materials such as silicone dildos are safe for the body. That is, with proper cleaning, it does not retain dirt, bacteria, or other fluids that come into contact with it. You can also boil (or stick it on a dishwasher) a non-electric sex toy to disinfect it and kill any bacteria that may remain.
At this point, your sex toys will be as good as new. So why not live a new life? Give it to a trusted friend (unless you're surprised) or make some money at the same time using an online used sex toy marketplace such as SqueakyClean Toys or Reddit's r / used sextoys. These use only sex toys that are functional, undamaged and 100% safe for the body.

Why it's important to properly dispose of sex toys

Buying sex toys is not the easiest thing in the world, and we often come across sex toys that don't work for us. The dildo may be too big, too small, or not fit for our body. Maybe we want to go beyond that and upgrade to a new model. Maybe the original bought it and we can't face using it again.

Many sex toy beginners fall into the trap of buying cheap toys first. It could be a cheap fleshlight, a cheap pocket pussy, a cheap sex doll, or another cheap male masturbator. It could also be a cheap vibrator, a cheap fuck machine, a cheap anal toy, a cheap strap-on, or a cheap sucker dildo.
These are often battery-powered and fragile, which increases the amount of waste generated in the sex toy industry.

Like other e-waste, vibrators and other e-sex toys are especially dangerous to throw away with regular trash. Chemicals in the battery can leak and destroy the entire ecosystem, and burning them is just as dangerous.

As the stigma of using sex toys decreases and the sex toy companies continue to be innovative, the waste of sex toys only increases. That is why it is important for us as a society to find better and more effective ways to dispose of them. However, for the time being, you can try small tasks to recycle the old companion.

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