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Can you boil a silicone sex toy without damaging it?

Jul 30, 2022
"Can you boil silicone sex toys?" This is a common question for people trying to figure out how to effectively sterilize their sex toys.The short answer is yes. I can do it. Unlike other sex toy materials (such as TPE) that are easily damaged by heat, medical grade silicone is inherently heat sensitive. It can eventually melt (2577.2 °F), but that's actually fine. However, just because silicone is heat resistant doesn't mean silicone sex toys are. Be sure to read the following before pushing the toy into the pot.

Why People Boil Silicone Sex Toys

You might think that boiling a silicone sex toy cleans it. This is partially correct, but not entirely accurate. In fact, you should clean the toy before boiling it. Boiling may not be effective. If there is foreign matter left on the toy, disinfecting the surface will not be very effective. Boiled toys can still become infected if microbes can hide and live. Always make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned before boiling a silicone sex toy.

Sanitization Vs. Sterilization

The purpose of boiling silicone is to "sterilize" it, not to clean it. Sterilizing a toy kills 100% of the micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) on the surface of the toy. This process eliminates the possibility of bacterial infection immediately after sterilization. However, when toys are stored improperly, bacteria can grow on them, so proper storage becomes an important part of the process.

Sanitization is similar to sterilization, but less effective. Sterilization kills all bacteria and viruses, while sanitization kills most bacteria only. Sanitization does not kill viruses. As with sterilization, proper storage is important to prevent the regrowth of bacteria on toys.

Silicone Vs. Silicone Blends

I know you can boil silicones, but can you boil silicone blends? Not recommended, but you may be able to boil a few selections that give good results. The problem with boiling a "silicone blend" is that you don't know what it's blended with - probably a porous material with a much lower boiling point (such as PVC or TPE). Silicone may not melt, but other ingredients in the blend will melt well.

Can You Boil Silicone Vibrators?

If you’re still wondering “can you boil silicone vibrators?”, chances are, you haven’t tried it yet. This is good news: Don’t!
Remember how—with silicone blends—the silicone itself wouldn’t get damaged but the other materials could? It’s the same thing with silicone sex toys containing electronical components.

While boiling your silicone sex toy won’t damage the silicone exterior, it likely will damage the internal components of the toy. This means your favorite vibrating, pulsing, or thrusting toy won’t be able to do its job anymore! 

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