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Do Vibrators Really Cause a Loss of Sensitivity?

Jul 15, 2022
Well, I'm here in the Crusades, breaking the myth of the vibrator. Here are all of your vibrator questions, I've answered!

I will do my best to minimize anger because I want to provide concrete and science-based answers that will help me love the vibrator. After all, everyone deserves a good, worry-free orgasm.

Is Dead Vaginal Syndrome a Thing?

Easy answer: No.

If I was really capricious (I always do), it should have been named really dead vulvar syndrome. But it doesn't matter because it's not a real syndrome. But it gives you the idea that this fake term was created by people who don't really understand the vulva and vaginal anatomy.

Dead vaginal syndrome is a terrible word in many respects and gives a completely wrong impression of what happens to the genitals when using a vibrator.
Vibrator stimulates your clitoris, G-spot, or anywhere else you choose to use them. Much more intense than your fingers and dildos do! Therefore, long-term use or the use of very powerful vibrators can cause tingling or numbness for some time thereafter. In this way, the vibrator can temporarily reduce sensitivity.

However, this does not mean that the vibrator caused permanent nerve damage. Think of it as clapping your hands for a while or holding a drill. Your hands may tingle, numb, or hurt for a few minutes, but eventually return to normal. fine!
The same thing can happen if you irritate your clitoris with your finger for more than an hour, or if you have a very long oral session (luckily!). The vibrator moves much faster than you would expect to move your fingers and tongue, so it only speeds up the process.

Of course, if the sensitivity drops or the tingling doesn't go away, it may indicate another problem. In that case, you need to discuss it with a medical professional who can determine the true cause. Also, make sure you are using the vibrator safely. Using a damaged toy, or a non-waterproof vibrator underwater, is a disaster recipe!

If I use a vibrator, will I not be able to reach orgasm without it?

This is a concern many women have about using vibrators. The general idea is that with heavy use of vibrators, you can rely entirely on vibrators and not be able to reach orgasm with your partner.
Fortunately, that's not the case. My knowledge-based guess as to why so many believe this is that they use the vibrator alone, eventually have an orgasm, then go and have PIV (vaginal penis) sex, Because I can't have an orgasm. It's easy to blame the vibrator for being less sensitive during sex. But another possibility is that the vibrator provides the necessary stimulus for the orgasm. It wasn't during sex!
Studies show that about 75% of vulva owners require some form of clitoral stimulation in the orgasm, which cannot be cut by penetration alone. Vibrators are an easy and effective way to get the clitoral stimulus you need. So if you have sex without it, you may feel like you're missing something. solution? Use the vibrator during sex!

How to avoid the decrease in sensitivity due to the vibrator

If you like the sensations of vibrators and intense irritation, but want to avoid the sensations of numbness and tingling, don't give them up!

There are a huge amount of vibrators and other sex toys, offering so many different sensations. Here are some tips to help you find the right vibrator for you ...

Choose rumble over buggy

When talking about the types of vibrations that sex toys produce, we generally describe them as grainy or rugged. The vibrations are on the spectrum, with a high frequency "buzzy" vibration at one end and a low frequency "rugged" vibration at the other end.

Very buzzing vibrations can irritate the surface of the skin and give many people a tickling or tingling sensation. Rugged vibrations, on the other hand, penetrate deep into the tissue and usually do not cause the same numbness. So, if you're having trouble (temporarily) desensitizing your vibrator, try switching to a vibrator with more rugged vibrations.
If you don't try the vibrator, it can be difficult to determine if it feels more grainy or rugged. Therefore, all Bedbible reviews include buggy / rugged ratings. You can also check out reviews of online sex toy stores like loverbooster to see what others are saying.

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